Yacht Management

Maintenance Oversight

With a short boating season here in New England, the last thing you want is to spend your valuable “boat time” maintaining your vessel. Whether it’s crawling around in the bilge to check the system or working with a technician to remedy a technical problem, we can do it for you.
  • Systems checks
  • Storm preparation and check
  • Manage maintenance schedules
  • Add additional lines when necessary
  • Make sure your boat stays clean inside and out
  • Arrange for hauling or dock space during storms
  • Vessel exercise or dockside/mooring startups
 *We call on your marina or the appropriate marine service provider to perform any required repair or maintenance*
Refit Oversight

Buying a boat that needs work is a great way to get value for your dollar, but you may not have the time or inclination to manage the process. If we handle the refit, you can be involved as much or as little as you like.

Small Projects

Your focus might be a specific project like an upgrade of your Nav System, or maybe you would like to purchase a dingy and implement a launch and retrieval system for it. We can help you choose which products to use and see to it that they are properly installed.

Special Projects

Just as with a home, there is always a project to tend to on a boat. Whether it is an improvement or a maintenance issue, let us lend our expertise so that the job is done correctly and in a timely manner.

Purchase Consulting

If you are in the market for a new boat or yacht, any size, we can help you find the right fit for your needs. Seasoned yachtsmen say there is no such thing as the perfect boat, but let us get you as close to perfection as possible.
  • Research: We can simplify the process of choosing the right boat with an overwhelming number of choices
  • Inspection: let us travel for you to review a potential purchases or just bring us along to consult and advise when you shop
  • Survey arrangements
  • Delivery logistics

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